Final Year Project – Designing A Dialogue 

This project is a research design based project completed as part of my final year undergraduate degree. It concerns itself with dialogue, cybernetics, ethics and intelligence. From my dissertation evolved an understanding of how we are in constant dialogues with each other and the buildings/spaces we inhabit. Dialogues which are implicit in the way we occupy and navigate a space. This project aims to take these dialogues and turn them into an extremely explicit conversations, with the intention that the user/s of the designed space becomes self-aware, they become conscious of themselves within the space they are occupying and understand their effect on the building, and the buildings response to them.

Broadway Market, London is the site for this project. With the market seemingly being a space, where every Saturday market stall owners come to perform in order to sell their goods it can be compared to a stage. My role in this project was as much as a junior director as it was a junior architect. I was composing events/conversations that used the users as the actors and the buildings as stages.

VOID 1 – is the first building proposal of the project, situated the furthest south of the three building proposals, it’s the space where the conversation starts. The building evolved through a narrative of two users occupying the chosen site. The proposal plays with the ways two or more users experience the same space with the aim being, they both experience the buildings in completely different ways and share their experience when they finally see one another in a conclusive space towards the exit of the building. It developed through an exploration into photograms as a tool for drawing such time based events, and how to draw a dynamic, time-based architecture.

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